EDITORIAL: County open to public comment

With the deadline approaching for Sussex County to complete its 2007 Comprehensive Plan Update, county leaders are meeting with state agencies and holding public hearings so they can move forward with having the plan ratified.

Today, Friday, Feb. 29, county officials meet with the Governor’s Advisory Council on Planning Coordination at the Tatnall Building in Dover at 1 p.m. This is an opportunity for county leaders to offer their formal response to state comments on the proposed plan.

The Sussex County Council and the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) will hold a public workshop on March 18 at the Sussex County Administrative Offices in Georgetown at 6 p.m. And, there will be two public hearings scheduled at 6 p.m. at the CHEER Center in Georgetown — the first is April 3 before the P&Z; and the second is on April 22 before the Sussex County Council.

These are all opportunities for the public to actually understand the process behind getting something of this magnitude ratified, as well as a chance for the average citizen to make his or her voice heard on the record. It’s quite simple, actually — if you’re interested in having your say on the county’s direction for the future in regards to land use, this is your opportunity. Not after it’s been approved. Not after it’s been implemented.

Right now. During these public hearings.

Actually, even that’s not entirely the case. Can’t make the hearings because of scheduling conflicts? That certainly happens. But the county is also taking public comment a few other ways. People can log on to the county’s Web site at www.sussexcountyde.gov/compplan and fill out a form. Or, comments can be mailed to:

Sussex County Comprehensive Plan Comments

ATTN: Mr. Hal Godwin, Assistant to the Administrator

P.O. Box 589

Georgetown, DE 19947

The county is making it clear that it invites public comment to the issues before them regarding their land use plan, and offering several options for residents and builders, alike, to do just that.

Now it’s up to the community to speak its mind.