EDITORIAL: Route 26 businesses still strong

When plans were first announced for the sewer work along Route 26 in Millville, businesses dotting that area were understandably concerned. There was fear that the road work would not only cause traffic problems in front of their businesses, but that, more importantly, it would prevent customers from getting to their businesses.

And, yes, there has been some inconvenience along the way. However, the business owners are reporting that customers are still finding their businesses, and the inconvenience has not been as drastic as they had feared.

Part of the credit for the relative smoothness of this project must go to the company doing the actual work — A.P. Croll. Several business owners pointed out that the workers have been courteous and respectful, and they have always allowed road access into businesses, regardless of the extent of the work they were currently undertaking.

But a good part of the credit also must go to the business owners themselves. Though several were hesitant at the beginning of the project, they persevered and handled the adversity with grace and professionalism. Instead of bemoaning the work being done outside their businesses, they put their heads down and went about conducting their work — knowing that the road work would eventually pass their locales, and that patience would be rewarded in the form of central sewer.

There was some concern that the businesses along Route 26 in Millville would face some of the same problems that businesses in Bethany Beach battled when the work was done on that section of Route 26. Some businesses went through horrific problems with traffic, access into their parking lots and just a genuine feeling that many people didn’t realize the businesses were still open during the construction.

That has not been the case, and it’s important to note the contributions of state agencies, A.P. Croll and the businesses themselves in limiting the inconveniences that could have occurred during this project.

We want to also send a little reminder that daylight-savings time begins this weekend. Clocks need to be moved ahead an hour on Sunday, March 9, at 2 a.m.