MHDC acquires Interfaith Mission organization

MHDC, southern Delaware’s largest non-profit provider of affordable housing, has agreed to take on assets and program responsibilities of Interfaith Mission of Sussex County.

“In this time of crisis for affordable housing in Sussex County, we did not want to see the important programs and projects of Interfaith be lost,” said David Moore, president and CEO of MHDC.

Those programs include 24 family rental units at Acorn Acres and the Adams Street project, which provide rental housing to seven single men. Both housing programs are in Georgetown and will continue to be managed by MHDC.

MHDC also helped to negotiate the transfer of responsibility for Interfaith’s emergency repair services for low-income families to the First State RC & D, a regional group that will continue to provide repair services in the Baltimore Hundred region.

“MHDC will continue to pursue opportunities to help meet the housing needs of low and moderate income families in the Georgetown area,” said Moore. He noted that MHDC currently has a dozen projects in development in southern Delaware, ranging from Laurel to Smyrna.

Hugh Leahy, senior vice president of the Delaware Community Foundation in Georgetown, which provided capital grant support to Interfaith, endorsed the acquisition by MHDC.

“To help fulfill their missions in an effective and lasting way, I suspect that we will see more such combined efforts in the non-profit world,” Leahy said. “MHDC is very strong, both financially and in its management. We are very pleased that they are taking on this added responsibility.”

Interfaith Mission was created 10 years ago as a spin-off of Interstate Housing of Delaware, to help provide more affordable housing to residents of Sussex County. The rising costs of land and property acquisition, coupled with operating requirements, caused the agency board to seek an acquisition by MHDC last year.

“I’m proud of what Interfaith provided to the communities in which we served and we are excited that our mission lives on in MHDC and in First State RC & D,” Pat Duschesne, Interfaith Mission of Sussex County Board president stated. Following final approvals, Interfaith Mission will be officially dissolved.

During the past seven years, MHDC has provided quality affordable housing to more than 340 homeowners and 450 renters in Kent and Sussex County. The $16 million non-profit organization manages five apartment complexes with 175 units for elderly and disabled residents and has 12 projects under development that will provide affordable housing to more than 750 people over the next few years.

MHDC provides five types of affordable housing solutions: 1) Self-Help housing, in which clients work in teams to build up to five homes at a time; 2) Rental housing, usually complexes for the elderly, people with disabilities, and working families of modest means; 3) Transitional housing, primarily for mothers and families in need; 4) Housing Preservation, in which MHDC purchases and rehabilitates blighted housing for resale, and provides emergency repair for low-moderate income homeowners; and 5) Housing for first-time buyers, priced at below-market rates and packaged with mortgage assistance.