Election is generating interest

We often bemoan the apathy shown during many local elections. There are often not enough candidates in the towns to hold elections and, when there are, voter turnout is often very low.

The truth be told, we aren’t sure if the cause of the disinterest is that a lot of new people have come to the area and aren’t emotionally involved in the politics or, on the flip side, people are just plain happy with what’s going on around them, and don’t see any reason for change.

That is not the case in Ocean View this year.

Financial concerns, disputes over police presence and clashes of personalities have made this an election that is generating strong feelings for both sides — as has been reflected in our letters section. And that’s why it is important that we re-hash our policies at this point.

The date of the election for Ocean View Town Council is Saturday, April 12. The last issue we will run letters concerning the election is the publication dated Friday, April 4. Deadline to submit letters for that issue is Monday, April 1.

Why don’t we run letters in the Friday, April 11 edition? For the simple reason that things can be alleged in a letter that can not be refuted before the election. Therefore, the only coverage of the Ocean View Town Council election that will run in our April 11 edition is a general story on where to vote and who is eligible to vote, and the results of our Q&A sessions with the candidates.

It is our hope that we supply our readers all the basic information they need in that last edition so voters can make informed decisions in the booth.

We are trying to run every letter we can in our paper, but the sheer volume of letters is staggering. Therefore, if you submitted a letter this week, you might not see it in this week’s edition, but we are carrying them over with the hope of getting them all in before our letters deadline.

The Coastal Point wants to thank the six candidates vying for two spots in Ocean View, and we’re equally grateful for the community interest in this race. This is an important time for the town, and our main interest is in supplying our readers as much information as possible before they make their selections.