Towns, county using the web

At our hearts, newspapers pride themselves most on the basic premise of providing information to the citizenry.

Our purpose is not to get “the big story” or to win armfuls of awards as much as it is a mission to get the community all the information it needs. We are not here to influence who wins an election, but instead to provide all the necessary information so the voters can intelligently decide an election themselves. We do not wish to steer people as to a side of the conversation on issues like school prayer, but rather to give our readers both sides of the debate.

Basically, we’re here to be a conduit.

Therefore, we are thrilled with the steps taken by our local towns and county government in their efforts to also provide information to the people. The biggest increase has been on the Internet, where e-mails and Web sites are being used more and more to share information with the public.

This is a terrific trend. People need to know what’s going on, and the towns and county are being more out-in-the-open than ever before, thanks to their willingness to use the Internet as a tool. And, for those people who don’t make a regular habit out of visiting municipal Web sites or signing up for e-mail alerts, this also effects you. With easier access to public information, news sources such as us can provide more background information and better information than ever before.

We are an age that will be defined by our advances in providing information. We get it all the time, from televisions to radios, from our cell phones and PDAs. We can order a pizza on the Internet, or check on a town ordinance at 2:30 a.m. with our computers. It’s a marvelous time of instant gratification, and we’re only destined to see more venues of this information as technology progresses.

The Coastal Point is proud of the efforts made by our towns and county government in giving people what they need, and utilizing whatever technology is available to them to do it efficiently.