Library project set for action

We do love it when a plan comes together.

On Friday, April 11, people will gather on Kent Avenue in Bethany Beach at 1 p.m. for groundbreaking ceremonies to celebrate the multi-million dollar expansion of the South Coastal Library.

Work on the project actually began in January. Through the hard work of the Friends of the South Coastal Library, support from Sussex County Council and about half the money coming from the state, the expansion — which will roughly double the size of the library — is now in full gear.

So, why should it mean anything to have a groundbreaking ceremony in April when work began in January? Simple. This is the time to thank those who put in the effort to make this a reality, and for those people who did put in the effort to enjoy a little celebration in honor of their hard work.

According to county officials, the library currently has more than 44,000 items for the community to enjoy, and the library wants to add many more. It’s great to see new schools built, but they are largely for students, parents and prospective parents. The library is for everyone, and the more space they have for items, the higher the benefit for the rest of us. Also, the library will be utilizing the expansion to add computers and other amenities.

Again, this is win-win for all.

We’ve all heard the complaints nationally when municipalities foot the bill for new sports arenas or stadiums, and those complaints are often warranted. The complaint is that a lot of tax dollars that could best be spent on other items are being wasted on frivelous activities. While we could go on for hours regarding that debate, the fact remains clear that supporting a library is support for the entire community.

We can not begin to thank the people who gave so generously of their time and money to make this project a reality. Just please know that you are appreciated.

As a reminder, this is the last issue in which we will be running letters concerning the April 12 Ocean View Town Council election. Our Q&A offerings from each candidate will run in the April 10 edition, and we hope that every registered voter in town takes advantage of that information.