It’s time to make decisions

In one of the most highly-anticipated local elections in recent memory, voters in Ocean View will select a new mayor and council member during Saturday’s election.

This one has been somewhat bitter. Acrimony and hard feelings have been lobbied back and forth amongst council members for some time now, and the general feeling is that this election will either go a long way toward solving some of the problems in the town, or take the town a step further toward a complete split amongst its leadership.

One positive to come out of all of this is the simple identification of candidates’ views on the issues. There is no hiding in this race — people have been forthright with their views, and the Ocean View public should be able to make informed decisions when they take to the polls.

We’ve had requests to endorse candidates in this race, and it’s been tempting, but we stay away from that for one reason — we firmly believe that it is not our role to influence an election one way or another.

As a newspaper, it is our job to inform and educate our readers, and then allow people to vote for the person they feel best fits their own belief systems. With that mission in mind, we have selected 12 questions for each candidate to answer, and we’ve run their responses as they have submitted.

To their credit, each candidate took this seriously and gave what we believe are honest, frank answers.

Now it’s up to the voters. The town has reported high voter registration numbers, and we all expect there to be a good turnout on Saturday. Make no mistake: This is an important election for both present and future Ocean View.

The election itself has not been a pretty one. There are some hard feelings amongst candidates and, judging by the letters we’ve received, amongst residents of the town, as well. The acrimony will not magically disappear as soon as the polls are closed, but there is hope that a new mixture of personalities could result in a more productive governmental body.

We congratulate all the candidates in this election for their willingness to throw their proverbial hats into the ring, and for their dedication to making the town a better place.

Now it’s up to the voters.