Voters numbers tell the story

Heading into last Saturday’s Ocean View Town Council and mayoral elections, the major topic of the race was the negativity and differing opinions of the candidates. There was no question as to the importance of this election, judging by letters to the editor and talking to people around town, and we expected there would be a huge turnout.

But we’re not sure we expected 74 percent of registered voters to cast their ballots.

That number was supplied to us by Perry Mitchell and Gordon Wood, the incoming council member and mayor, respectively. And, that number is staggering.

We certainly congratulate Wood and Mitchell on their victories. And we also want to take a moment to thank Vinnie Esposito, Joe Martinez, Susan White and Wally Brown for their efforts in the campaign. It is only with a full election that the issues can truly come to the forefront, and the efforts of all the candidates made this an election that stirred conversation throughout the area.

But we really want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the voters of Ocean View for participating in this process.

An election is only a true measure of the wants of the citizenry when a representative number of voters turn out to cast their ballots. When nearly three out of four make the commitment to have their voices heard, it is more likely that the final tally reflects the wants and desires of the constituency.

Ocean View has been the target of conversation throughout our entire community over the past few months, and not necessarily in a positive light. But that negative has turned into a giant positive as the residents of the town stood up and proudly made their voices heard on Saturday.

We absolutely congratulate Wood and Mitchell on their victories in this somewhat historic election for the town. But we also congratulate the people of Ocean View for the election itself. The people stood and voiced their opinions, and they were heard through the most influential way available to them — the election process.

Now it’s time for the town to heal.