Our time to shine is upon us

This is a big summer season for this community.

As is the case in the majority of the nation, the real estate market has cooled. Gas prices could hinder some of our day-trippers and weekend visitors. And a general slow-down in the national economy leaves us somewhat vulnerable, if for no other reason many of our visitors come to us from locations hit hard by the downturn.

With that being said, this is a big season for our entire community to put our best foot forward and display what a fantastic place this still is to this day.

We really do have it all here. We can certainly start with the beaches (which are now larger than previous seasons following the replenishment efforts this winter and spring, and even despite the recent nor’easter), can move right along to our scenic and tranquil coastal bays and rivers and cap it off with an exciting assortment of local restaurants and shops that can only be found right here.

For visitors who haven’t been to our area since last summer, well, you’re going to see a lot of new additions to our picturesque community. As mentioned before, the beaches in Bethany Beach and South Bethany are now significantly larger. The days of stacking people one on top of the other are behind us, and there should be plenty of space for a family to spread out on the sand and have a great experience.

There is also a newly-implemented smoking ban in place in Bethany Beach. The rationale behind the move was to lessen the dangers of second-hand smoke to non-smokers and to alleviate some of the litter problems caused by cigarette butts in the past. This was a controversial decision, to be sure, and has not been embraced by everyone, but it is now a reality, and visitors to the beach should know this.

As is the case every summer season, visitors can find new restaurants and shops throughout our area. Stop by and check them out if you get the chance, but also make certain you stop off at some of your annual favorites, as there are always exciting changes to menus and store inventories.

As for residents of this community, try to keep in mind that we are hosts every summer. It is our duty to put our best feet forward and show our guests the best time we can.