Trio deserves pat on the back

It’s inspiring, really.

Three young men from this community, a year removed from walking the halls at Indian River High School, decided to walk some 400 miles from North Carolina to their homes in Sussex County. The trek seems to be the stuff reserved for young men full of vigor — a grueling test of the mental and physical limits of man.

But their motivation was something more. Something altruistic and selfless. They decided to embark on this adventure with the purpose of raising money for the Justin W. Jennings Foundation. The organization is a non-profit entity named for the 19-year-old man who lost his life to cancer, and the group is raising money to build Justin’s Beach House in Bethany Beach, a home that will ultimately host families affected by cancer.

Sean Cummings, Daniel Kleinstuber and Pierson Roenke were the three young men who completed this odyssey last Friday, and they reached their goal through determination, mental and physical toughness and the support of their families and friends. While it’s popular to say that young people do not contribute enough to their community, it should also be equally as popular to take a moment and thank these three for their efforts.

For us at the paper, it was indeed inspiring to monitor their progress throughout the journey. The three were candid in phone calls on how tough this walk was, and they remained undeterred in completing their mission. Judging by signs of support throughout the community to mark the trio’s return, the entire community was inspired, as well.

No, the three did not make millions of dollars for their effort, but they did make a few thousand. And how much more will they generate from others in the community who were exposed to this noteworthy charity through their exhaustive journey?

We should all take a few moments to contemplate the selfless efforts of these three young men, and maybe take an extra moment to thank them when we run into them around town. Then maybe we could take another moment to make a donation in their honor to the Justin W. Jennings Foundation at