Residents must adhere to laws

It appears the acrimony still exists in Ocean View.

Though the recent town council and mayoral elections caused many to believe that the town was heading down a less-confrontational road, public sentiment over the proposed gas station in the town has stirred up bad feelings and worse behavior. Only now, it’s not the officials squabbling.

Residents on both sides of the issue have made their opinions known with rancor. One hearing came to a close with the threat of police action if spectators didn’t behave better. Other hearings and meetings on the issue have been repeatedly interrupted by public comment or other audible disturbances coming from the crowd.

And nothing’s been accomplished — or decided.

We’ve used this space before to touch on the public’s behavior at Ocean View meetings. It hasn’t done anything. And, in fact, the only reason we address it here again is because it continues to be a problem that is doing nothing for the town other than causing public embarrassment and stagnant government. We report on what we can confirm, and we editorialize on what we believe. We can confirm the behavior has been atrocious, and we believe that it’s enough of a problem in the town that we should offer our stance.

That stance is that enough is enough is enough.

The governmental process is not perfect, but it is designed with the idea that people have the opportunity to have their say on issues. That can be done by public hearings, letters written to town officials or by electing representatives we trust to vote the way we feel. Ocean View abides by these laws and beliefs and allows its residents a say. It’s up to the residents to have their say in the proper manner.

It’s been said that it’s impossible “to fight city hall.” That’s not accurate. You just have to fight within the rules.

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