World Series a must-see event

Just getting into town for a week of vacation at the shore? Or, do you live here year-round, and you’re just looking for something fun to do that doesn’t require you battling beach traffic?

Trust me, we have the perfect event for you.

The Senior League Softball World Series begins Sunday at the Pyle Center in Roxana. Teams from around the globe, and scattered throughout regions of the United States, will offer the best softball players in the world in their respective age group to do battle on the Roxana fields for the right to call themselves the best in the world.

This is a tremendous event. The athletes are incredibly enthusiastic, the fans ooh and aah with every pitch and the play on the field is often awe-inspiring. A stable of talented and dedicated volunteers make the entire experience one to enjoy for both players and spectators, and there are very few things anywhere as relaxing as an evening eating hot dogs, drinking sodas and hanging out with the family while watching athletes give their all on every play. All that, and admission is free.

To top it off, the championship game (scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 9, at 4 p.m.) will be televised on ESPN. That alone should give credibility to the magnitude of the Series and, who knows, you might just be seen worldwide as you sit in the bleachers and root for whichever team you’ve adopted as a favorite.

As hosts of the event, District III receives one automatic bid to the Series, and the team from Laurel will be representing local softball this year. Traditionally, games featuring the District III team are the most watched, simply because of the proximity for friends and families of the girls on the team, as well as that hometown rooting interest of everybody who lives within the district.

If you want unbridled enthusiasm and excitement, make it a point to get out to a game featuring the Laurel team. If you can’t make it to one of their games, fret not, because you’ll quickly find yourself developing a rooting interest in a team from Montana or Germany before you knew what happened.

Last year’s championship game featured a battle between teams from Texas and Indiana. The year before saw the District III team from Seaford advance all the way to the title game.

Who will it be this year? Get out and watch for yourself. You will not be disappointed.