Ecobroker® designation awarded to Ocean Atlantic professional

Susan Pomerantz of Ocean Atlantic Agency has earned the EcoBroker Certified® designation, having successfully completed a unique and informative training program on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions.

Pomerantz joins the movement of professionals pushing the real estate market toward energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthier design/features in homes and buildings. The “performance home” movement is getting a boost thanks to this type of high quality real estate professional earning the EcoBroker® designation. EcoBrokers®, like Pomerantz, throughout the country are forging this market and creating competitive advantages for their customers.

With national surveys indicating that 80 percent of consumers consider themselves “green-minded,” real estate professionals with the EcoBroker® designation are in a better position to serve the real estate consumer. “The EcoBroker® designation doesn’t make me an energy and environmental expert, but it allows me to better understand the issues and to convey this understanding and give resources to my buyers and sellers,” said Pomerantz.

“With EcoBroker® training, I have broadened the range of real estate opportunities I offer my clients,” said Pomerantz. “Whether the transaction involves environmental assessment and mitigation or the opportunity to reduce utility bills, I’m in a position to help. The real estate industry is changing, and to best serve my clients I need to understand the newest designs, technologies, and environmental issues. My EcoBroker® designation helps me stay ahead of the game. My ongoing project now is to expand my list of specialists in this area to recommend to clients”

To learn more about Susan Pomerantz, visit, or call (302) 227-6767.