Point readers gets the job done

We knew when we stopped running the television listings a few months ago, there would be some reaction from our readers. That being said, we probably underestimated the response.

We got deluged. People called, people wrote us letters and people popped in the office to remind us just how ignorant we really are. We decided that we needed to do something, because our readers were left with a hole in their lives, and we were not filling it.

The problem all along was cost. It’s expensive to run the television listings and it just wasn’t making sense for us to continue to do so at the price we were paying. Our publisher called around and talked to nearly everybody under the sun, and she was able to lock down a deal that provides television listings to our readers at a cost that didn’t kill us.

This week, on page A49, you’ll find our new television listings.

This is a prime example of the power readers have. It’s been our goal since the inception of the Coastal Point to provide a product that provided necessary information to our readers, while serving as a quality vessel of advertising for our clients. We’ve started sections in the paper that we’ve thought would appeal to our readers, and stopped them when we discovered they weren’t. And, on the flip side, we’ve started sections to appeal to our readers, and found out they’ve been received warmly.

We need more response from our readers in the future. Please don’t hesitate to call us when you have an idea or suggestion for the paper, and we will listen to them all. It was you readers who got the television listings back in the Coastal Point. You tell us what’s next.


The Bethany Beach Police Department was recognized recently with the Commission on Accrediation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) National Accrediation Award for its department policies, procedures and professional practices. The department is the only “A” size agency in the state to receive the award, and is the third-smallest municipal agency in the nation to achieve the designation.

We applaud Chief Michael Redmon and his staff for this prestigious recognition, and are proud of their service and dedication to our community.

Congratulations, Bethany Beach Police Department, and we all ask that you continue the fine work.