Georgetown meets technology

There is little doubt that technology has had an intense impact on nearly every facet of our lives.

Beginning with the invention of the wheel, continuing on with cars and airplanes and exploding in recent years with the computer chip and Internet, society has always looked for “The Next Big Thing.”

And as this latest wave of computer-related advancement has swept over all of us, there’s also little arguing that Sussex County has been a little slower than other parts of the country in accepting and adapting to the latest technology. Perhaps Georgetown will lead the way for the rest of us.

Town officials, in cooperation with Sussex County government, recently announced that free wireless Internet service is now available at the town’s historic downtown area, known as The Circle. This will enable people with WiFi-compatible laptops, PDAs or cell phones to access the Internet for free via the town’s WiFi service.

We’re hoping that this signifies a trend.

This is a community that thrives on outdoors living and enjoyment. The beaches, downtown shopping, kayaking, etc. draw crowds of people who frankly enjoy spending time outside. Free WiFi service in places that attract people to that outdoors recreation areas will be a positive service for many in the area — particularly those on vacation who wish to be able to keep up with what’s going on back home, and want to enjoy the sunshine and aesthetic beauty that brought them here in the first place.

This technological age we’re living in now will historically be remembered as a time of great advancement in terms of instant access to information. By providing people an easy avenue of seeking that information, the town of Georgetown is making great strides in being people-friendly.

We applaud the officials in Georgetown and Sussex County who have made this service a reality at the historic Circle, and hope other towns find ways of making this a reality down the road.

We need to take a moment here and congratulate the men and women of the Fenwick Island Beach Patrol who performed so well in the United States Lifeguarding Association’s Nationals Competition in Manhattan, Calif.

The pride and dedication they show on a daily basis while performing their jobs were on full display for the nation, and we should all be proud of their achievements.