Local police show their stuff

It would seem our sleepy little community is becoming a little less sleepy. And, thankfully, local law enforcement has stepped up to the challenge.

The Ocean View Police Department recently combined efforts with state and other local departments to finalize an arrest of three suspects who are charged with hundreds of crimes in the area. The trio’s crime spree involved petty thefts from unlocked cars, and major thefts like ATVs and cars themselves.

Meanwhile, state and local police combined their efforts in making a spate of arrests centered on open-air drug sales in the Polly Branch Road neighborhood in Selbyville. That raid resulted in 16 arrests and 41 narcotics and criminal charges. During the operation, police reportedly seized crack cocaine, marijuana, a 12-gauge shotgun, a .22 Marlin rifle and $3,566 in suspected drug money.

Both of these operations resulted from steadfast policework and both drastically improve the immediate quality of life for residents living in the respective communities. This is good stuff for all concerned, and further illustrated the deidcation, commitment and competency of local law officials when there is indeed a major problem in this region.

We often take the police for granted, and that is most likely music to law enforcement officials’ ears. If they’re not being noticed on a day-to-day basis, they are doing their jobs well and we all feel pretty safe.

Congratulations to all the police who assisted in these significant arrests, and a heart-felt thank you to all who do the job on a daily basis. We don’t always notice what you do, but that’s only because you do it so well.


The Bethany Beach Town Council election is heating up, and voters head to the booth on Saturday, Sept. 6 to cast their ballots.

Thankfully, the candidates and residents have been behaving as expected as this election nears, and we really see no signs of this turning into an ugly race — as we’ve all witnessed in other local towns.

But now is the time we need to remind readers that next issue of the Coastal Point, to be published Friday, Aug. 29, will be the last chance for letter-writers to have their say. We do this so candidates have the opportunity to respond before the election to anything that might be written.

Good luck to those who are running to serve their town.