NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY the Town Council of Ocean View that it will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, to provide an opportunity for Ocean View property owners to hear about Mediacom’s service plans from Mr. David Kane, Regional Vice President. This will be an opportunity for residents to present views on Mediacom’s service.

Mediacom is the only organization franchised to provide cable service in Ocean View.

Please plan to participate in this hearing if you have views or concerns about Mediacom’s product, operations, or service. Mr. Kane will appreciate hearing from you, and this will be your opportunity to directly register your concerns and inquire about channel coverage and service.

The public hearing will be held in the Town Hall located at 32 West Avenue at 7 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter, prior to the Town Council workshop.

At that time and place, all persons interested shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard. If unable to attend the public hearing, written comments will be accepted but must be received prior to the public hearing.

For additional information, please contact the Town Manager at 302.539.9797, ext. 1.
CP 20080801 2T