County has community in mind

Hang on to your hats. It’s time to give credit to Sussex County Council.

With an eye on local economic development, the council voted on Tuesday to provide a low-interest, economic stimulus loan of $150,000 to Arrow Safety Device Co. Inc. The company has been in business in Sussex County since the 1950s, and the loan will reportedly “allow new partners in the operation to buy the business from a former owner and consolidate operations to a new 20,000-square-foot facility in the Selbyville Industrial Park,” according to a statement from the county.

The funding for the loan comes through Sussex County’s Economic Development Stimulus Loan Program, which was established to provide seed money for local governments to make capital improvements. The program eventually evolved to include private companies to help stimulate job growth.

“This loan is an all-around win, for this business and for Sussex County,” said County Administrator David Baker. “By providing this critical funding, Sussex County is helping an established local business maintain its operations in Sussex, and at the same time preserving funds for our local economy.”

That is exactly what this does.

While many local municipalities often focus on things other than local business, the County is showing a commitment to adding jobs and keeping the economy upright at a time where many industries are facing tough times. It’s often suggested that a healthy economy means a healthy community, and it is our opinion that this philosophy is true.

By keeping people employed, and growing that employment base, people can buy homes and, more importantly, would be encouraged to stay here. A vibrant community can only result from people having the means to actively participate in the happenings of any locale.

We applaud the efforts of Sussex County to take care of things in their own back yard, and create an environment that is conducice to a healthy Sussex County.

They got this one right.