Town council off to good start

The passing of the proverbial torch went on in Bethany Beach on Wednesday, and the good vibrations appeared to permeate from town hall.

Councilwoman Carol Olmstead turned down a nomination by her former Vice-Mayor Tony McClenny to remain as the town’s mayor, and in turn nominated McClenny for the position. When the dust settled, McClenny was named mayor of the town, and Olmstead the vice-mayor.

“...I know there are other council members who would like to serve as mayor, and they should have the opportunity also,” said Olmstead. “Sometimes, the only way to make that opportunity available is by someone stepping aside.”

This is an example of selfless leadership, and one that should not be ignored by other municipalities — not only locally, but throughout the nation. Olmstead recognized that others on council could do a fine job in that position, and rewarded McClenny for his service with her nomination.

As for McClenny, there is little doubt here that he will do a fine job in the mayoral position. He is prepared, smart and not afraid to go out on a limb. The town is indeed in good hands, in our opinion.

Another important aspect of Monday’s organizational meeting was the appointment of new Bethany Beach Town Council Member Jack Gordon to the seat of secretary/treasurer. Gordon has served on the town’s budget and finance committee, and has a wealth of experience in financial matters. Given that wealth of expertise, and his fresh eyes as a new member of the council, this was a sound, smart choice.

As we’ve seen in other towns in our community — most recently in Ocean View — it is necessary that town council members be able to work together for the common purpose of improving the quality of life for its residents. While there are certain to be personal and idealogical differences between any group of human beings, the most important factor in any government is that things get done through conversation, debate or compromise to make things better for the constituents.

We’re optimistic that Bethany Beach Town Council is working toward that end.