Tracking history important

Forget the bickering and political posturing in present day Ocean View for a moment, and instead wrap your mind around what made the town such a special place to begin with — the reason so many people have made it their home, as well as why people are so passionate when it comes to the operations of the town.

The Ocean View Historical Society is trying to do just that.

Focusing on the roots and traditions of the town’s history, the group is embarking on a major project to build a museum that will chronicle the evolution of the town, as well as collect artifacts and items of interest that will engage people in the practice of learning more about what made the town what it is today — or, at least, what it should be.

“We want it to be an interactive museum,” said Dr. Richard Nippes, who is both a town council member and member of the Ocean View Historical Society’s board, “with not only pictures.”

To that end, the board wants to have a working well and a replica chicken coop and outhouse, with the hopes of building something that could engage both adults and children in the pleasure of learning about the town’s history.

We’ve seen this before.

The Bethany Beach Historical and Cultural Affairs Committee has made it their passion to teach people about the history of Bethany Beach through its own museum, located in Bethany Beach Town Hall.

That is what the Ocean View group would like to achieve as well — building a pride through one’s community by simply explaining the merits and history of the town to others.

But, like most things in life, it’s not free. It costs money for the group to make the house on Central Avenue into a museum — let alone making it compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. With that in mind, the organization is planning a series of fundraising events to help defray the costs.

The first of the series will be on Saturday, Nov. 8, at Bear Trap from 7 to 10 p.m. There will be a sock hop and silent auction, and tickets to the event cost $10 each.

For more information on this fundraising event, call Felice Arnold at 539-9174, Mary VanScoyoc at 537-7783 or JoAnne Weber at 539-1636.