Police need the information

A conversation that took place in the Oct. 6 Selbyville Town Council meeting was one that the entire community should take note of — and prepare to hear more of the same in different towns around our area.

People in the Meadowview community were upset about juvenile crime in their neighborhood. Apparently, there were two instances of cars being stolen, some noise complaints and various other quality-of-life crimes in the community. Selbyville Police Chief Scott Collins said he recognized the problem, but that it’s hard for his officers to respond to things unless they receive a call first.

We are not going to condemn young people as trouble makers. We’re fortunate here at the newspaper that we get to meet many young people in the community who are truly inspiring and impressive. If anyone doubts the youth of this nation, they should go to one of the local schools and talk to some of the kids. Young people today are smarter, more aware and have more things at their disposal than any generation that came before them.

However, kids are kids. They don’t have to be “bad” kids to commit nuisance crimes, and the fact of the matter is there are some bad apples out there in the younger set — just like there is in any generation you could name.

And, as our community continues to grow, we are seeing more and more young people as a result. They’re young. There are going to be incidents. It’s going to happen to some extent in every town in this community.

But we go back to what Collins told residents at the meeting — the police need to be notified if there are problems.

We see it here at the paper. People will call us upset that something didn’t get covered — but we never received a call to cover it in the first place. We, like the police, try to be everywhere at once, but we just can’t. And neither can they.

We must all be aware of our surroundings, and if something looks suspicious, we need to call the police before there’s a problem. Let them handle it. They’re trained, prepared and get paid to protect us.

And they will.

We live in a spectacular community with kind, interesting people. Let’s just look out for one another.