Forum a chance for voters

The race for state representative of the 38th District is shaping up to be a good one.

Rep. Gerald Hocker is the incumbent for the seat, and challenger Kay Ryan is well respected in local Democrat circles. She has been campaigning hard, and evidence of her campaign runs wild throughout the community. Hocker, though, will not be an easy challenge for Ryan, as his popularity in the region is high and he represents that Republican vote — which is strong in the district.

The South Coastal Delaware chapter of AARP is sponsoring a candidates forum at the Millville Volunteer Fire Co. on Thursday, Oct. 23, from 10 to 11 a.m. This will be an opportunity for voters to listen firsthand to the candidates, and gain some insight into what they believe.

For starters, we’d like to thank the local AARP chapter for contributing to this event. The joy of a democratic society is the ability of citizens to cast their votes for who they would like to lead them. An informed voting public is the ideal situation, and this forum will certainly contribute to that.

It’s also important to thank the candidates for their willingness to participate in such an event. It’s hard for candidates to expose themselves to forums or debates, because of the simple fact that we all misspeak in our lives, and the potential to do just that in a public event like this one is quite real. But both of them are graciously appearing in the forum, thus providing more information to the voting public.

We ask citizens in the 38th District to get to the forum if at all possible, and see what the candidates are about for yourself. This is an important time in both this nation and our community. The economic struggles faced by many in this country are touching home hard, and there are still numerous uniquely local issues — such as land use and cancer cluster revelations — that need to be both monitored and understood.

This is your chance.

Again, we thank both the local chapter of AARP and the candidates themselves for making this event possible. And we hope as many of you as possible take advantage of the opportunity presented to make informed choices when hitting the voting booths next month.