Letters to the Editor -- October 17, 2008

Lawless puts support behind Hocker

Gerald Hocker has been a consistent, effective and positive voice for the 38th Representative District. As a lifelong resident, a successful businessman and a pillar of this community, he has exemplified solid Sussex County values in Dover.

He has also been an environmental leader.

Mr. Hocker has supported offshore wind power for Delaware since the original proposal was made public. His position has been both logical and reasonable.

Gerald believes that we Delawareans must have renewable, sustainable and clean energy. He was part of the legislative group that passed the strongest Clean Energy law in the country. Additionally, he has often voiced his opinion that an offshore wind farm could be a great asset to our state.

When the Bluewater Wind proposal would have resulted in unreasonable financial burdens being put on the residential ratepayers, Mr. Hocker strongly objected. He believed that the revenue stream to pay for the wind farm needed to be spread over a much larger base. His effort to protect constituents has been unfairly characterized as opposition to the wind power concept. Gerald remained true to his principles and eventually prevailed.

The result of Rep. Hocker’s leadership has been a program that will get us the wind farm and protect individual ratepayers.

I intend to vote for Mr. Hocker on Election Day and urge all the voters in the 38th to join me in returning this good man to Dover.

Robert R. Lawless
Ocean View

Markell gets support for his plans

I believe it is crucial that Delawareans with disabilities are able to lead fulfilling lives, and I have volunteered at various levels, endeavoring to achieve this. While the state has worked to create programs and systems to aid disabled Delawareans on a day-to-day basis, much more needs to be done.

Democratic candidate for governor Jack Markell has my vote because he understands the depth and importance of this issue and has released a comprehensive plan outlining the steps he will take when elected to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

No politician would disagree that improving the access for disabled people to better housing and transportation or more employment opportunities, as well as proper funding for providers of services to people with disabilities, is very important.

Unlike his opponent, Jack has a real plan to achieve these goals. He will take policies and turn them into person-centered services by giving disabled people a more interactive role in improving the services they depend on.

Jack’s plans to provide affordable universal healthcare will also benefit all Delawareans. He is the right candidate to help people with disabilities and the right choice for Delaware.

Anthony L. Horstman

Ryan gains support in election bid

While I am not a Sussex Countian by birth, I am proud to have lived here long enough to be considered a “local.” Let me tell you why I will be voting for Mary Kay Ryan for state representative, 38th District, on Nov. 4.

Kay Ryan has worked her way up from public housing to scholarship recipient and Harvard Law School graduate. While Kay may have had more opportunities along the way than I have had, she has worked hard to use those opportunities to benefit consumers and small businesses. Affordable housing, health care and a living wage – Kay will work on these issues for us as our state representative. Kay Ryan will get my vote on Election Day. I urge you to add your vote to mine.

Patricia O’Brien