Politics way out of control

Really? It’s really come to this?

That was our collective response when first hearing that Ocean View Town Council Member Roy Thomas had his tires slashed recently. We knew emotions have been running high throughout Ocean View lately, and we knew that Thomas was one of the main characters in the political battles that have inflamed the town, but for someone to take it that far?


What if Thomas had gone out on the road without noticing the damage? What if he had spun out and hurt himself, or hurt a kid playing on the street? Forget the disgusting fact for a second that this is damage to someone’s personal property, and just wrap your head around the dimwitted and socially reckless maneuver that someone carried out when puncturing the tires on his car.

It’s absurd to reduce ourselves to this behavior. People, this is politics we’re talking about. There is no need to resort to this kind of reckless and juvenile behavior when we’re discussing political issues. There is always recourse for frustration with political figures — and it comes in the form of an open election. If you don’t like what someone is doing, vote him or her out of office. Do not threaten, cajole, damage property or attack physically.

We live in a community filled with people from all walks of life, and with varying talents and strengths. It is a community to embrace, and to take pride in as a group. But this is a dark moment in our area’s history, and one we certainly hope will not be repeated in the future.

And the political drum beats on ...

This is the last week we will be running letters to the editor regarding the coming elections. Our policy is to stop letters a week early, so candidates have the option of responding to any allegations that may spring forth.