Voters the star of the election

People of this community and nationwide, rejoice. Your voices were heard loud and clear on election day.

Whether or not the people you voted for won their respective races, we should all take pride in the fact that voter turnout was high this election, and people came out to have their voices heard.

Locally, we have to congratule Rep. Gerald Hocker for retaining his seat in the 38th District, and John Atkins, for reclaiming his position as state representative of the 41st District. Both of these men have experience in Dover, as well as strong local ties, and the community should be served well by this representation.

But we must also congratulate Kay Ryan and Rep. Greg Hastings on their campaigns. Though both fell short in their efforts, both ran solid campaigns and both were willing to sacrifice for the opportunity to serve all of us. Elections cause conversations, and even if both Ryan and Hastings lost their races, they spurred conversation through running.

That is always a good thing.

We all know the historical implications of the nation’s presidential race, as well as the general unpopularity of our incumbent president, so voter turnout was bound to be a little higher than normal.

However, when one considers the large numbers of young voters who turned out to cast their ballots, one must feel a little optimistic about the future. Perhaps the excitement of this year’s race will bear a new generation of voters that willingly and enthusiastically takes part in the process. Maybe that feeling that one gets from voting will permeate all, and the future of our democratic process is in good hands.

Many of us do not respect what it took for this nation to have free elections for all, or how people from other nations would sacrifice to vote once.

But maybe that new day is coming.