Reputation precedes Steen

Ron Steen has proved once again that taking care of people, and being accountable, has its own rewards.
The Bethany Beach Town Council voted Friday to award the town’s beach concession contract to Steen, continuing the town’s relationship with Steen’s Beach Service — a relationship that began in 1958.

Steen was not the highest bidder in the process. Will’s Beach Service bid higher, and has the Ocean City, Md. contract. But the difference was not enough to sway the council that it was time to leave Steen.

“$390 (the difference in bids) per year shouldn’t be a deciding factor,” said Bethany Beach Town Council Member Tracy Mulligan. “I appreciate the bidding process, but there are other factors to consider, like the quality and character of the town.”

That was certainly not an indictment of Will’s Beach Service, which also enjoys a solid reputation, as much as it was a platitude to Steen. The town has had a relationship with Steen for years, and he has not done anything to make them want to go into business with someone else.

There’s just something right about that.

In citing the town’s charter, town solicitor Terry Jaywork explained that the town is not legally obligated to take the highest bid, as is the case in some municipalities, but rather, “A concession shall be awarded to the person who, having satisfactorily complied with this Article, appears to the Town Council to be the person most likely to render the best service to the Town and its visitors.”

Following 50 years of doing business with Bethany Beach, Steen’s Beach Service has apparently done the job for the town to merit a continued relationship.
We thank the town for their decision.