Markell taking on problem

There’s no secret that Delaware has been facing a growing budget crisis. What’s less obvious is just how to go about tackling the problem.

That problem will now fall on the shoulders of Gov.-Elect Jack Markell — and if early evidence is any indication, he is taking it seriously and attacking it with smart people with expertise in the financial world.

On Wednesday, Dec. 3, Markell announced that he was nominating long-time Deputy State Treasurer Ann Visalli to be the director of the Office of Management and Budget, and former DuPont Chief Financial Officer Gary Pfeiffer to be his Secretary of Finance.

“We can and will get through this crisis and get our state’s economy moving again in a bold, new direction,” said Markell. “Both nominees bring decades of experience and records of real innovation to the table. We need to look at things in a new way if we’re going to make real change. My budget and finance team brings dramatically different perspectives to this effort.”

It is evident that Markell sees the state’s budget issues as his top priority, as these are the first two nominees for his administration he has announced. By combining his own expertise as former State Treasurer, with Visalli’s experience both for the state and the private sector, and Pfeiffer’s corporate skills and contacts in the business community, he’s assembled a team that would appear well-equipped to fight the problem.

This is a good sign for the state’s future. Markell is showing vision and a willingness to reach out for help from all corners to improve the state’s situation. While we all anxiously await his nominees for other crucial positions within his administration, we should all take comfort that he’s starting out on a path of aggression and creativity to tackle a major problem.