Letters to the Editor -- January 2, 2009

I love living in Ocean View

Since so much acrimony has been documented in the letters to the editor about Ocean View, I thought it was time that someone spoke up for our wonderful town. I am sure there are others in Ocean View who appreciate the many facets of our town that make it the unique town that it is.

What makes Ocean View so appealing to me? First of all, for a small town, it has so much to offer! There are many established and new businesses located here. Many medical professionals have offices in Ocean View, which our residents patronize. We have a wonderful elementary school, a number of places of worship and an active Senior Center.

We have a championship golf course open to the public and the Bistro is now being run by the DiFebos… yum. We have our beloved Ocean View Deli, where I always like to brag that I sold that business to the Walkers many moons ago. It was so long ago that I think their children’s children are working there now. I still remember the old Ocean View Deli. Do you? We have a variety of other quality, interesting restaurants where you can be served delicious food in unique settings – at an inn or even on a train.

We have a delightful weekly newspaper, the Coastal Point, that I truly enjoy reading. I particularly enjoyed Sue’s recent article about the one second that we gain; I bet it took a lot of seconds to write her article.

We have a great public safety department and police department. Did you know if you have a problem and call 911 that our police will respond in less than six minutes and in most cases in less than three minutes? That is public service we can trust and depend on.

We have a wonderful park and are home to the Ocean View Historical Society. I love history, so that is really exciting to me. Maybe one day Ocean View will become the Williamsburg of Delaware!

Of particular interest to me is the variety of homes and communities in Ocean View: old ones and new ones, and some middle-aged ones too, showing a lot of pride in home ownership.

We have a town where the residents really care, evidenced by the standing-room-only attendance at town meetings. And sometimes these meetings are really exciting and spirited. It seems most people do not like to talk about politics or religion, but I actually enjoy talking about these topics. I do have to admit that I have never been a “politically correct” type of person, though.

I love living in Ocean View so much that I am going to do something I never thought I would do. In this time of giving, I thought it would be a good time to let the readers know that I am going to run for the Ocean View Town Council. It is time for me to give something back to the town I love living in.

I have heard tales of certain councilmen having their own agendas, regardless of what is good for the town. I hope no one ever says that about me if I would get elected. My agenda will be what is good for the residents of the Town of Ocean View: a balanced budget, low taxes, more benefits, a safe town with good streets and a transparent government… a town where most would feel good about where they live and how Ocean View is run.

I plan on running a positive campaign with no negative campaigning. Actually, I think it is pretty funny, thinking about negative campaigning in the Town of Ocean View. My neighbor, Bob Lawless, is running, too. Bob and his wife Svetla sent my wife Ruihua and me a Happy Holidays card the other day, and he already knew I was planning to run. I think that is how all campaigns should be run. So, no hard feelings, no matter who wins! Who knows? Secretly, we may be hoping each other wins.

It may be surprising to some that anyone would even want to run after reading some of the letters published by or in opposition to the current council. Thus, if I could change anything about our town, it would be to keep our great residents so engaged that they would want to write letters about how much they enjoy living in Ocean View and how much they appreciate the efforts of their town council. That will be a goal of my campaign and my wish for all of you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jerry Mueller
Ocean View

Inland Bays a story of oyster restoration

Reference the article about oysters by Susan Cosier in the Dec. 26 issue of The Coastal Point.

I find it very difficult to believe that you would publish an article about oyster aquaculture without mention of the oyster farming that is ongoing in the Delaware Inland Bays. A program was conceived by John Ewart of the University of Delaware and initially funded by the Center for the Inland Bays. This program has grown to over 100 volunteer oyster farmers, who are and have been actively tending their floats and oysters in all three of the Inland Bays.

The past two years Delaware State has been assisting with the funding and has a student in a graduate program studying oyster aquaculture in eight locations in Little Assawoman Bay.

Edward Henifin
Fenwick Island