Wilgus Associates sends off care-package items

Staff at Wilgus Associates Inc. and members of the community contributed to a special project in November 2008, building up two vans’ full of goodies for U.S. military service personnel, just in time for the holidays.

The items were collected for care packages to be sent to military men and women and included new and unopened products from a variety of categories, such as baseballs, Frisbees, dried fruit and nuts, candy that won’t melt, books, puzzles, toothpaste, calling cards, pens and more.

On Dec. 1, the group ended its collection at various drop-off points and boxed up the items, which were then shipped off to eager recipients.

“Wilgus Associates Inc. would like to thank our community for the overwhelming response to our Military Care Package Drive,” said Laurie Anderson of Wilgus Associates.