Fenwick continuing forward

A new year often brings new ideas and new ways of doing things. Fortunately, the Fenwick Island Environmental Committee resumed their meetings this past week and appear to be continuing forward on their existing plan — to look at every option available to the town in order to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

For instance, during the last meeting held by the organization, they discussed the fly-ash pit at the power plant in Millsboro, an experimental rain garden on town property, a light-pollution survey, bulkheads and more. They are looking at everything that could improve the quality of life for the town’s residents, and generations of Fenwick residents to follow.

This is a committee that is doing something positive. It might not generate headlines the way some governmental bodies in the community do, and it is not in existence to come up with more money to improve the town’s infrastructure. But it’s doing important work, and has thundered into the new year with the same determination and creativity it has displayed since its inception.

We thank the members of the Fenwick Island Environmental Committee. Not only for the effort they put in tirelessly for the people of Fenwick Island, but also because they serve as a source of inspiration and credibility for others to follow.

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