State officials on right track

This is an example of government thinking about people.

Delaware House Minority Whip Dan Short (R-Seaford) and Sen. George H. Bunting (D-Bethany Beach) have co-sponsored a bill that, if approved, would result in the state’s first “Burn Camp” — and it would be located at Camp Barnes.

There were two measures in last year’s General Assembly that made this plausible. The first was a task force being formed to investigate the camp’s feasability. The second measure was following up on the task force’s recommendations by convincing the Delaware State Fire Commission to establish it.

If House Bill 44 passes, the next step would be to authorize the fire commission to incorporate a non-profit corporation so they could both run the camp and raise contributions.

“With state finances the way they are, we thought it would be a lot easier to go to the private sector to finance this,” explained Short. “We’ve already got thousands of dollars in pending donations, but we don’t have an entity to receive that money. This legislation will establish a non-profit corporation for that purpose.”

This is an example of our state officials identifying a need, formulating a plan and working hard to make it happen. If Bunting has proven one thing during his time in the Senate, it’s that he’s more than willing to cross party lines or work with Republicans if he believes it’s the right thing to do — and Short, a long-time member of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department, certainly has an understanding on the physical and emotional toll that fire can cause an individual and family. Both men deserve to be praised and lauded for their efforts on this bill, and we hope that their colleagues vote along side them.

The stated goal of the project is to have 20-25 children at the first week-long camp this August. It’s a scary-enough thought that there are 25 children in the state suffering from burn injuries. Let’s hope they have a place to get through it.