Frankford to stay the same

Following the disqualification of one of the three candidates vying for two seats on the Frankford Town Council, there will be no election in the town. In fact, it has been eight years since there has been a town council election in Frankford.

We’re a little saddened by that news.

While we believe the Frankford Town Council as it is presently formulated has done a good job leading the town, there is something to be said for the electoral process in any community. Even if the incumbents keep their seats, the election process often stirs up conversation and results in new ideas and opinions being tossed about for discussion.

That’s only beneficial to everybody.

On the flip side of the argument, one could argue that the people of Frankford have indeed had their voices heard regarding the town’s leadership — and they’re behind the town council as it currently sits. Without delving too deeply into the collective psyche of a town, one could infer that the people of Frankford are satisfied with who is running things, and feels they can go to council members or town employees with any concerns they have.

Again, we put nothing but our full support behind the members of the Frankford Town Council, and wish them another two years of harmony. We just wish someone could have come in and presented some alternative ideas for residents and council members to consider.


Rumors have been circulating throughout the community that Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin has either resigned his position or been terminated. The Coastal Point spoke with Ocean View Mayor Gordon Wood on Wednesday morning, and Wood assured us he had been in contact with McLaughlin — who has been out of town — and that he is still the chief of police. Wood said he expected McLaughlin to be back in his office Tuesday morning, as had been previously anticipated.