Mitchell putting forth effort

The Ocean View draft budget that was released recently raised a few eyebrows, as it called for the elimination of two town police officers, two town employees and an increase in taxes to make up for a shortfall in the town’s finances.

Understand that this draft was not an attempt by evil scientists to ruin the town through slash-and-burn techniques. The town is in some financial trouble, and this was the plan proposed to save the town’s finances, with as little impact as possible on the residents.

Tough times demand tough action, sometimes.

Ocean View Town Council Member Perry Mitchell has proposed a new “first draft” of a financial plan that calls for the elimination of one town employee position, no lost police officers and no tax increase for its residents. The plan calls for work furloughs — both by town employees and police officers — and abolishing the town’s Emergency Trust Fund, among other proposed solutions.

We’re not economists here. In fact, you could probably present the town’s finances to any number of economists, and you’d get back varying responses on the best course of action — all with the town’s best interests at heart. All we can do is look at the numbers, pull out the big items and present them to our readers in the most unbiased way we know.

With that being said, we’re not entirely sure what plan is best for the citizens and health of Ocean View.

However, we’re happy that Mitchell is stepping outside of the box, and outside some of his purported allegiances on council, to work to find a solution that doesn’t result in higher taxes or lost jobs. Maybe his plan won’t work. As we said, we don’t understand enough about it. But we’re glad he’s trying. And we hope it continues to stir discussions on the best course of action.

These are definitely trying times economically, both locally and nationally. Tough decisions are being made. We’re just glad they’re being discussed in Ocean View.