Letters to the Editor -- February 27, 2009

Hey, big spenders in Ocean View

I’ve seen the infrastructure proposal and nearly fell off my stool.

It seems to me, and I’m not alone, that several town councilmen are hell-bent on spending our money. That’s right – “our money.”

When they were elected, we gave them the right to properly oversee financial matters, not to spend, spend and spend some more on projects that the town should put off until the economy recovers somewhat.

Roy Thomas and Richard Nippes have already made up their illogical minds and are concerned more with their “pet projects” than they are with the citizens who are having a hard time making ends meet.

It only took me one hour to find various ways to save $750,000 without having to fire anyone or put undue strain on our police department, and only raise taxes by 2 percent. Here again, they’ve already made up their minds. Tell me why you people waste my money sending out surveys, only to add insult to injury by giving us taxpayers two choices: either raise taxes or fire people, or both.

Obviously, we have two councilmen suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision… So, why only two choices?

Most of the business owners were contacted, along with 32 teachers – including the principal of Lord Baltimore Elementary School – all of whom have signed the petition to maintain the current 24/7 police protection.

You totally disgust me and, I’m sure, most of the residents and business owners in Ocean View. I find it hard to believe these men to be good Christians. What hypocrisy! Remember, one day soon, you will not be sitting up there on your self-made thrones.

It’s time for Thomas and Nippes to not only act more conservatively, but think long and hard about the lives they are ruining in the name of “personal agendas.”

Dave Colella
Ocean View

Lawless gets more support in campaign bid

The upcoming election is a chance for real change in the governance of Ocean View. It has been widely publicized that the “scorched-earth campaign” that three of our councilmen have waged on the Town of Ocean View has brought embarrassment and a budget crisis that was neither warranted nor justified. The three approved spending on the following projects when the town employees and residents said no:

(1) Purchase of the Lampe property ($279,000);

(2) Design and engineering plans for a new Public Works building;

(3) Outside professional services and lawyers about contracts (an additional $12,000);

(4) Movement of some offices to the Public Safety Building (already $60,000 and the move is not complete;

(5) Bonuses and raises.

These are just a few examples of the careless spending that has occurred. Now that the FY10 budget process is under way, they are warning us about an impending budget crisis. They had an opportunity the last two years to exhibit fiscal responsibility, and they have failed. Why should we trust them to solve this budget crisis when they were one of the main reasons we are now faced with one?

The solution: Bob Lawless

Mr. Lawless will bring the civility, fiscal responsibility, accountability and calmness to the council that is much needed to restore our integrity as a town. The many conversations I’ve had with Bob have left me with one overriding thought: He cares about the town and its residents and is not driven by some ideology or agenda. He is open-minded, listens well and has solutions and ideas to solve the problems the town faces. I support Mr. Lawless and hope all of you will do the same.

Stephen and Deborah Cobb
Ocean View

Drew offers personal account of Lawless

I support Bob Lawless for Ocean View Town Council. I have known and worked with Bob for the past three years. I believe he is a man of great integrity and leadership skills and will be a great asset to the Ocean View Town Council.

Bob has been the president of Rep. Gerald Hocker’s Republican Club for more than two years, and I have seen firsthand his skills at bringing people together. Bob has been interested and involved in the needs of a growing Ocean View. He is not hesitant to speak his mind and has been vocal at Ocean View Town Council meetings on various issues.

If I were a resident of Ocean View, I would most certainly vote for his election to the town council.

Philip M. Drew
Bethany Beach

A call for action from property owner
Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the voters of Ocean View and was forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

It is sad to see the lack of compassion by the “town fathers” of Ocean View, their flagrant disregard of people’s wishes, their lack of fiscal responsibility and their disregard of their fiduciary duties.

Over recent years, these “fathers” have managed to turn an efficiently run community into a paradise for bureaucratic, greedy and wasteful big-spenders. Their ostentatious projects have created a “bottomless pit,” which is draining the pockets of all property owners and businesses. The innocent, hard-working and conscientious are now forced to pay exorbitant taxes and pernicious fees to fill this insanely expanding “pit.”

Insulting our intelligence further, they mail out the attached “survey” in a veiled attempt to obtain a degree of legitimacy for their “bridges to nowhere.” These “fathers” ask constituents to endorse their actions. They ask us to oust honest employees and raise taxes and fees again and again…

Obviously, the most effective “choice” is not listed: Eliminate the two highest-paid (highly compensated, “key”) employees, and at most, add a 3 percent property tax increase to cover an increase for town employees who were hired before the initial election of former Mayor Meredith.

Other obvious choices include, and are not limited to:

(1) Forget the costly relocation of the town’s offices to the newly built police citadel;

(2) Stop further development of a non-essential, pricey public service complex;

(3) Cease buying daily free lunches for employees and for those “big spenders”;

(4) Investigate alternative financing to pay off the loan obtained from the USDA so that well owners will not be forced to hook-up to the fathers’ new golden goose (i.e. the new, expensive water utility). (Such loans were intended by our federal government for “lower income” and “rural” areas. Ocean View will certainly qualify as such by the time these “town fathers” start acting responsibly!)

Not a full-time resident, I cannot seek office, but respectfully ask voters to replace the existing “group” with citizens who actually care.

Edward B. Walsh
Ocean View property owner

Sorority grateful for help with event

The members of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi would like to thank everyone for their support of our annual fundraising event. The dance was held on Feb. 6, 2009, at the Ocean View VFW Post 7234, with entertainment provided by Giant Steps. We would also like to thank Miller’s Creek for the beautiful decorations that provided the finishing touch and also Hocker’s Grocery Store and Deli for providing the wings that were enjoyed by all.

The dance, along with the Chinese auction and 50-50 raffle, were all very successful.

We would like to give special thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their donations to the dance and Chinese auction: Alesi Custom Builder and Renovators Inc.; Atlee Burpee Seed Company; Bethany Cycle and Beach Goods; Cactus Café; Denise Beam State Farm Insurance; Eric Ralph – ASE Certified Master Technician; Georgia House Restaurant; Jack Powell – Certified Instructor, National Surf Schools and Instructors Association; Kristina Isom, Esthetician at Oceanova and All About You Aveda Spa; Lighthouse Liquors; Michael McCarthy Stones; Miller’s Creek; Oceanova Spa; Pam Morris of Silhouettes; Pam Webb, Longaberger Consultant; Patti’s Hallmark Shop; Paula’s Decorating Café; Rob Ward’s Professional Home Services; Sharon’s Resort Cleaning; and Warren’s Station Restaurant,

As always, the theme for the dance was “Help Us, Help Our Community.” Thanks again to all of you who helped us so that we may continue to give support to those in need.

Claudia Alesi, Corresponding Secretary
Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi