Bethany does the research

Governmental bodies, on any level, are not traditionally thought of as being forward-thinkers.

They usually react to situations or events, consider potential courses of action, and move toward a solution that satisfies the most people on that particular council or board. Small government, in fact, do this the most often, as many council members or officials have other jobs that leave them precious little time for much else.

However, it’s important that we give credit to the Bethany Beach Planning Commission today.

The group met on Saturday, Feb. 22, with several contractors and DNREC officials to discuss the best course of action for the town to take regarding ordinances for geothermal heating and air systems. Yes, this has been prompted by both the proliferation of geothermal units across the nation as we get more “green-oriented” and requests by some homeowners, but the fact that the town is taking it so seriously, and intent on providing the best laws possible, should be lauded.

And we’re going to do just that.

It would be easy for the town to simply adopt state rules regarding geothermal systems, and they might just end up doing that. However, the town officials wanted to hear exactly how the systems are set up, how they run and what effect they could leave on the surrounding area. They researched this stuff, people.

New environmentally-friendly equipment, ideas and technology are popping up every day, and it’s just as important for our town, county, state and federal officials to stay abreast of them as it is for the rest of us. They need to do the research. They need to understand the significance of each of these possibilities. And they need to be decisive.

Bethany Beach appears to be receptive to these new ideas, as well as the concept of planning for their arrivals.

Along with the work of Fenwick Island and Millville officials, it appears that this community is getting into its “green.”