Millville elections Saturday

We do love an election around here.

As Millville prepares for municipal elections this weekend, we’re reminded again about how important these positions are for the quality of life of all residents of the town. One look at other communities in the area can easily illustrate the impact that a town council can have on everyone.

With that in mind, we feel it’s important to remind everyone who is eligible to vote in Millville town elections. All residents of Millville age 18 and older are eligible to cast a vote. Some towns allow non-resident property owners. Some only allow homeowners. In Millville, if you live there, can prove it with identification and are of legal age, you get a vote.

As is our usual style of pre-election coverage, we decided not to endorse candidates in this election. Instead, we asked each candidate the same questions, printed their answers and hope voters can make their own informed decisions on who to back in the election.

In this race, four candidates are running for three positions on council. Incumbents Donald Minyon and Richard Thomas are running for their respective seats, and newcomers Joseph Calvarese and Michael Jeffers are also campaigning for a position. The third seat up for grabs is that of Cami Banks, who moved out of Millville’s town limits, and is not eligible to run again.

This is a big election for the town. Millville has worked hard to get up-to-date with their town codes, and have had to adjust on-the-fly with town budgets because of the slowdown in real estate — and subsequent loss of transfer fund monies to the town coffers. There is real momentum in the town, and it is important that voters put in three people who can keep things moving in the right direction.

The Millville Town Council election is Saturday, March 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Voting will take place in the Town Hall Meeting Room.

Get out and have your voice heard.