Aim grant funding to MVFC

Ocean View Town Council members are contemplating their annual grant donation to the Millville Volunteer Fire Co., and there is at least some sentiment to split the grant monies to $35,000 for the fire company, and $5,000 for the Beebe Medical Foundation.

We believe that’s not in the best interests of the town at this particular point.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe strongly in the Beebe Medical Foundation, and we think it’s great that Ocean View is considering sending money to a facility and organization that treats many people from this community. At any other time, we would be all for this split, and would encourage all the towns to do the same. Quite frankly, Beebe deserves the money.

However, we are in a tough economic time right now. The Millville Volunteer Fire Co. runs on donations, and when the economy is down, donations subsequently go down. If people don’t have money, they can’t donate money.

Therefore, it’s our argument that at this current time, it benefits the most people in Ocean View if the town’s entire Emergency Services Enhancement Fund grant goes to the fire company.

We attempted to reach Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin this week regarding his employment status with the town, and were directed to his attorney, Tom Neuberger. He stated, “... [McLaughlin’s] returned from his vacation and he’s re-assumed his duties. And we expect he’ll be there for the foreseeable future.”

We know you’re all aware of the dangers of drunk driving, so we’re not going to bat you over the head with it in this space. However, we did receive an interesting statistic from AAA that might make drivers a little more vigilant this weekend.

According to AAA, all drivers — impaired or sober — are 23 percent more likely to be injured or killed by a drunk driver over St. Patrick’s Day than normal driving time. Please be aware.