Letters to the Editor -- March 27, 2009

Reader: County Council not above critique

Sussex County Council’s recent decree that county officials, employees and sub-contractors will not be criticized during council meetings is living proof that we, the citizens of Delaware, need the power of recall (preferably along with initiative and referendum).

In their heavy-handed effort to silence one citizen, Dan Kramer, a longstanding critic of their defects, they have cast a proverbial shadow over the land. Basic legal research indicates that the policy is hideously unconstitutional and will not pass a series of established U.S. Supreme Court tests.

As this policy was apparently arbitrarily and capriciously implemented without regard to its First Amendment implications and due consideration of the extant body judicial precedent, the entire County Council stands in gross violation of its sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Delaware.

Like it or not, Mr. Kramer’s speech, albeit colorful, cantankerous and controversial, is protected in a limited public forum as courts have historically held that it is better to err on the side of liberty in broad legal limits to ensure a vigorous public debate necessary to nurturing a constitutional republic. Tragically, the policy reflects infinitely more on the council as a body politic than on the person it was intended to silence.

The County Council should immediately reverse this abomination or resign. In any event, no incumbent council member should be re-elected in 2010 or 2012, as their arrogant disregard for the spirit and letter of the Declaration of Independence and First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is intolerable to a free people. Accordingly, the Independent Party of Delaware seeks articulate constitutional defenders to run on its ticket and throw the “Tories” out.

Wolfgang von Baumgart,
State Chairman
Independent Party of Delaware

Thank you from Lord Baltimore Lions

The Lord Baltimore Lions would like to thank our neighbors and friends who supported us by buying our fresh Florida fruit again this year. We hope everyone enjoyed the fruit and look forward to seeing you again next November.

The money raised from this sale goes back into your community in the form of scholarships, sponsorships of scout troops, youth organizations, eye screenings, help for needy neighbors, Special Olympics, leader dog and other sight and vision projects. Again, thank you all for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jack Bauer, King Lion
Lord Baltimore Lions Club

Dance a big hit because of community

I want to thank parishioners and priests of St. Ann’s Catholic Church for their support of our successful St. Patrick’s Dance on March 14. We are most grateful for the donations that were given by local businesses: The Party Store in Millsboro; Casapulla’s Restaurant; Hocker’s; Giant and Food Lion.

I appreciate all your help.

Donald Lake

Riley is a shining star from community

Thank you so much for recognizing Kathryn Riley in your editorial, “Riley remembers her roots.”

I have known Kathryn for years as a fellow member of Community Lutheran Church and I can attest that she is a tremendous role model for other youth. Not only is she gifted academically and athletically, but she is also truly a blessing to her community.

Her role in the impromptu softball clinic at Indian River is typical of a young lady for whom “giving back” is second nature. I know for a fact that softball skills are not the only part of Kathryn that will “rub off” on other youth she comes in contact with.

Kudos for spotlighting such a remarkable young woman and congratulations to her parents, Lou and Lonnie, for raising her with such fine values.

Kerin Magill
Ocean View