Town of Bethany Beach – March 20, '09 Meeting Results

Town of Bethany Beach – Public Notice

The Bethany Beach Town Council adopted the following ordinances at its meeting held on March 20, 2009:

Ordinance Regulating the Use of Public
Streets & Right-of-Ways by Public Utilities
This ordinance implements a permitting procedure for all persons and entities desiring to open or excavate in the road beds or rights-of-way of the Town. The ordinance imposes construction standards for projects requiring excavation, restoration standards upon completion of the projects, implements bonding and insurance requirements, and liability and violation provisions for damage to public property and violations of this ordinance. This ordinance became effective upon adoption.

Ordinance to Enact Regulations Governing Use of the Bandstand
This ordinance establishes certain content-neutral “time, place, and manner” restrictions on the use of the Town bandstand and/or plaza for purposes of making any “public address” (any public address, program, display, or demonstration) and also to coordinate its use so that no proposed public address will conflict with any other public address or Town-sponsored program, any person or group desiring to make use of the bandstand and/or plaza. This ordinance became effective upon adoption.
CP 20090417 1T