Town officials to become twits?

Fenwick Island officials are looking into the idea of improving their communication to residents and non-resident property owners through social networking Web sites.

During last Friday’s town council meeting, council members discussed the feasability of using sites like Twitter and Facebook to more easily reach their targeted audience. Users of Twitter are often referred to as “twits” or “twitterers,” and the site has gained quick popularity through it’s near-instant ability for people to provide and receive information.

“I like it,” said Fenwick Island Mayor Audrey Serio. “We should do some research on our own and get some information about these accounts. We need to find out what the boundaries are. We have to remember, a lot of people who aren’t here all the time can’t get town information easily. These sites might be a good idea.”

We absolutely concur, and largely because of the very reasons Serio cited in her comments.

We live in a unique area — particularly when discussing the beach towns — as far as the number of homeowners who do not live in the area. There are many second homes in Fenwick Island, and those people who might own property in Fenwick but live in Washington D.C. might easily get out of the loop regarding things going on in a town where they pay property taxes and utilize services.

New Fenwick Island Town Manager Wilmer E. Abbott has jumped right into the fray, explaining that Ocean City, Md. uses Twitter to alert its residents, and that he will soon meet with their city manager to get questions answered by him from Fenwick town council members.

We live in a time of great technological advances and instant-gratification. The social networking sites have become incredibly popular due to the easy access users have with keeping in touch with people, and it’s a no-brainer for towns and businesses to utilize these, as well.

Again, we find ourself complimenting Fenwick Island town officials for looking ahead and keeping on top of things. And, again, they deserve our praise and adulation.