Some decisions are not easy

It ain’t easy being green.

With all due apologies to Kermit the Frog, that phrase can be muttered more and more frequently these days in terms of people trying to be environmentally conscious. Oh, there are more opportunities, and more people are aware of their individual impacts on the environment, but it’s just not easy to do everything you might want.

Though many agree that geothermal systems are the best bet environmentally-speaking to cool and warm your home, the cost precludes many people from taking advantage of it. And though curbside recycling is available at more places than ever, there are still some places where the inconvenience of driving recyclable goods somewhere prevents people from recycling as much as they might wish.

And then there are some more ambitious projects.

The Sussex County Board of Adjustment last week heard arguments involving a proposed windmill in a person’s yard in Quillen’s Point in Ocean View. The windmill would be on top of a 33-foot tower, but would not exceed the 42-foot height covenant of the neighborhood, according to a representative from Flexera, who would be installing the windmill if approved.

A bone of contention amongst neighbors in the community falls on the size of the applicant’s lot. Paul Wilkerson, a board member of the community’s homeowners’ association, said those opposing the project are not “anti-green,” but are opposed to the windmill being built on a quarter-acre lot. He said he checked out the Web site for the manufacturer’s specifications, and it said that half-acre lots or greater were recommended for the windmill model.

“It said properties should have a half acre or more, be at least 20 feet above the trees and a 250-foot radius from any other buildings,” said Wilkerson. “[As proposed] it’s an arm’s length from his house and about 20 feet from his neighbor’s.”

The board tabled a decision until their next meeting, May 18, and that’s probably the right call. Sussex County government has done a fantastic job of being “green” and has been supportive, but this is a tricky call. Hey, it ain’t easy being green.