Letters to the Editor -- May 22, 2009

Enough is enough for the citizens of town

The previous councils of Ocean View have no regard for the taxpayers of Ocean View. They think that money grows on trees in our back yards. They first built the Taj Mahal for $2.7 million and then they wanted a $1.6 million Public Works building.

They got into the real estate business and have done nothing with the three houses they purchased, except tear one down. They put in a town water system that a few people needed because of iron in the water and made it mandatory to hook up.

Now I read in the Coastal Point that they need a 25 percent increase in rates, and I haven’t even been hooked up for a year. They can’t even calculate the number of properties included in the town’s water service area, which is one of the reasons for the increase. Tidewater usage fee will increase 32.5 percent, to offset a potential increase in Tidewater Utilities’ water rate.

My well water was tested, and I really didn’t need the town’s water. Just another bill to pay for something I didn’t need. It was reported that 591 properties were permitted for water and 542 were hooked up, and have received applications from 330 people who have applied for grants. Doesn’t that tell you guys something? Enough is enough!

Now they want to look into the possibility of uniform trash pickup across town, instead of property owners contracting with trash haulers on their own. Let the people decide who they want to remove their trash. We don’t need council to mandate who we use. I take my trash to DSWA out on Route 17 and recycle and pay $1 a bag. Next thing you know, you will be telling us which phone company, which cable company or dish network to use.

Enough is enough! People, it’s time to take our town back and not be treated like morons who can’t make decisions for ourselves. Please come to the meetings and let them know how you feel about their decisions. I know people that were retired and had to go back to work just to make ends meet. That just isn’t right!

I remember being at a meeting and the mayor saying that the national average of police officers for a town our size is 2.7 police officers. How we change once we are elected. If the mayor wants a community police force, then Millville should reimburse the taxpayers of Ocean View $1.35 million for the Taj Mahal, plus pay their fair share of all the police cars and equipment purchased with the taxpayers’ money from Ocean View. Why didn’t we go that route with Bethany Beach police and get seven weeks free protection at no cost to us?

Citizens of Ocean View, it’s time to go to the meetings and let your voice be heard or write in the local papers how you feel about the decisions being made on our behalf.

Joseph Fedick
Ocean View

Bireley thankful for support in election

I want to thank the Fourth District voters of the Indian River School District for supporting me on May 12, 2009. Your many calls, comments and prayers have been very much appreciated during this campaign.

I would not have been successful without the many people who gave their time to help on Election Day. I will do my best to represent you to the best of my ability for the next three years and I will continue to make the students of the Indian River School District my top priority.

Charles Bireley

Bethany Town Cats grateful for support

On April 26, Bethany Blues hosted another in a series of successful benefits for Bethany Town Cats. The members of our non-profit organization are grateful to Bethany Blues for its continued support of our mission to control the feral cat population in the resort area with our spray/neuter program.

We would especially like to thank Ky, Jim and all the staff at Bethany Blues who contributed to making the evening so enjoyable. Our thanks go also to all the local businesses which allowed us to post our flyer heralding the event. We are looking forward to our next collaboration with Bethany Blues.

Jack Reamy
Bethany Town Cats