Ocean View Historical Society to host ‘Trip Down Memory Lane II’

The Ocean View Historical Society is inviting residents of the local coastal towns to participate in its second educational program designed to share the area’s history. This second night of information and entertainment will take place on Wednesday, June 3, at 7 p.m. at Millville Town Hall.

The first “trip down memory lane” featured Mary Collins and Wanda Powell. This second event will feature Norman Justice, a resident of Cedar Neck, who will give those attending a perspective on what life was like for a young boy growing up on a farm in Cedar Neck during the early 1920s and into the throes of the Great Depression.

Justice’s story will not only aim enlighten attendees about how difficult life was during this period but will also share how important family and community camaraderie was in living in a relatively isolated area of Delaware. He has numerous anecdotal stories to share that should provide moments of levity. A short 15-minute movie made during the 1930s will be shown that organizers said will verify what he says about life in the Ocean View-Millville area.

Justice has also taken the time to develop two maps that show all 13 general stores that existed from Clarksville to Bethany along Route 26. Organizers said they hope these maps will be finished and available on June 3. Tapes of the first event will also be available for purchase that night, with proceeds benefiting the OVHS.

The primary purpose of these educational events is to highlight the history that evolved in the coastal towns and why organizers say it is imperative to preserve this knowledge and artifacts for future generations to enjoy.

“There is only a small window of opportunity to gather this history and display it in a museum. We have already lost a significant amount of history and failure to act now will result in the remaining knowledge of our eldest of our senior citizens to disappear and never be recovered or shared,” OVHS members said.

“This history is one of the great treasures of this region and it is our obligation to preserve and share it with our school children so they will be able to identify their past with the future. This must be done quickly, or a great void will be created in the knowledge of local history. Creating a historical district and a Coastal Town’s Museum will enrich Sussex County and place our region as one of the tourist trails of historical sites to visit.”

The first event drew a standing-room-only crowd, and the Millville Town Hall has room for 112 seats; so those wishing to attend are being advised to come early if they wish to have a seat from which to enjoy the night’s entertainment. Admission is free.