No legs for joint police force

The Millville Town Council recently came to the consensus that they would not request discussions with the Town of Ocean View regarding a joint police force between the neighboring towns.
“A lot of citizens were calling and asking us not to pursue talks,” said Millville Mayor Donald Minyon. “And some of the council was afraid of the political situation in Ocean View and the uncertainty about the council. There were so many letters to the editor, so much negativity. We don’t want to be in all that controversy.”

That’s understandable. Millville has enjoyed a quiet time in the town, despite its substantial growth over the past decade, and doesn’t want to get swept up in the controversy that’s been surrounding Ocean View.

However, it’s kind of sad that the prospect of conversation between the two towns is being eliminated — particularly when it comes to public safety.

“At least one member of our council has demonstrated to Millville that Ocean View is impossible to work with,” said Ocean View Mayor Gordon Wood. “And newspaper statements attempting to set conditions have also been counterproductive. Did anybody ever lose anything by talking? It is my belief that Ocean View and Millville have lost something beneficial to both because of Millville’s perception of our ability to work with them.”

We do wish that conversations between the towns could have taken place — only because it’s always better to make decisions based on facts, rather than guesses. Millville is currently being watched by Delaware State Police that the town has contracted for a predetermined amount of hours per week, and Ocean View Police respond whenever a 911 call comes in anyplace that they can get to quickly.

We are not trying to make it appear like Millville is in vast danger without this joint force, or even that the force is a good idea. When looking at real numbers and costs, it might very well prove to be too costly to Millville. And working with Ocean View could be just as hard as they believe.

However, it would have been nice to have all that information first.