Markell encourages Delawareans to eat locally grown fruit and vegetables

In recognition of the contribution Delaware agriculture makes to the state’s economy and quality of life, Gov. Jack Markell last week presented a proclamation to Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee that designates the summer of 2009 as “Delaware Eat Local Summer ’09.”

From farm-fresh produce to delicious, high quality, healthy canned and frozen vegetables, locally grown poultry, meats, dairy products and more, Markell is appealing to Delawareans to eat and buy local during the summer of 2009.

Markell said, “There are grocery chains, farmers’ markets, on-the farm markets, restaurants, etc., throughout Delaware that sell locally grown and locally processed foods. I urge everyone to look for Delaware products and Delaware-processed products when they shop and dine. If you don’t find them, ask for them. I will be visiting outlets throughout the summer and all through the year.”

Markell continued, “Eating local also helps us all go green, when you consider the amount of fuel it takes to bring food into Delaware from other parts of the country and the globe. When you eat locally, you know that the products did not travel for days from far-away places – they were grown by people you know, on farms you can see. These farms also preserve open space, wildlife habitat, our heritage and rural culture.”

Kee said, “Thank you, Governor, for your on-going support of Delaware agriculture. Our farmers produce quality nutritious products that can be enjoyed by all Delawareans, fresh in-season, and canned and frozen, as well. For more information on grocery chains, farmers’ markets, on-the farm markets, and other outlets that carry Delaware products, contact the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Our staff is eager to assist you.”