DNREC to hold air permit hearings

DNREC’s Division of Air and Waste Management, Air Quality Management Section will conduct a public hearing to receive comments on the air permit applications filed by Indian River Power, LLC Millsboro, to construct air pollution control equipment necessary to comply with state and federal air quality regulations and the Department’s Consent Decree for the facility. The Indian River Generating Station is owned by Indian River Power, LLC/NRG Energy, Inc.

The public hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Aug. 12 at the Millsboro Fire Company, 109 E. State Street.

The applications are for the installation of two (2) circulating dry scrubbers, two (2) selective catalytic reduction units, one (1) aqueous ammonia storage tank, five (5) lime storage silos with baghouses, and one (1) byproduct storage silo with a baghouse for Generating Units 3 and 4 to control sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions at their facility located at 29416 Power Plant Road in Millsboro.

This project will result in significant reduction of acid gas emissions, greater than 80 percent, as well as estimated decreases in maximum allowable emissions of nitrogen oxide from 12,452 tons to 3,064 tons; sulfur dioxide from 41,720 tons to 6,128 tons; particulate matter from 4,730 tons to 2,298 tons; and ammonia from 372 to 250 tons.

The applications may be inspected at the offices of the Division of Air and Waste Management, 156 S. State Street, Dover, DE 19001 and at 715 Grantham Lane, New Castle, DE 19720. In addition, the applications may be reviewed online and as a hard copy at the Millsboro Public Library located at 217 W. State Street in Millsboro, DE 19966 (phone: (302) 934-8743).

Interested parties may submit comments in writing before the hearing. Statements and testimony may be presented orally or in writing at the hearing. Written statements may be presented prior to the hearing and should be addressed to Tom Lilly or Joanna French at: Air Quality Management Section, Division of Air & Waste Management, 156 S. State Street, Dover, DE 19901. The public comment period will end on Aug. 12, 2009, unless extended by the hearing officer at the public hearing.

For additional information or an appointment to inspect the applications, please call Tom Lilly at (302) 739-9402, or contact Tom by e-mail at: Tom.Lilly@state.de.us. To review the air permit applications, please visit the Web site at: http://www.awm.delaware.gov/Info/Documents/Indian%20River%204_15_09%20ap... .