Happy Birthday South Bethany

It’s almost hard to believe that the town of South Bethany will be celebrating 40 years of incorporation on Saturday. Has it only been 40 years?

The town has seen substantial growth over that period of time — both in houses and businesses sprouting up over the decades, and in terms of building an infrastructure and government that best serves its citizens.

In four short decades, the town has built itself up to be a vibrant destination spot for vacationers, as well as serving as home for many year-round residents. The government of the town has seen rivalries on the council over the years, a growing police presence and a present economic climate that is somewhat precarious in nature.

In short, they’re similar to most of the other towns in this community. And it only took 40 years to get there.

To honor the town’s first 40 years, there will be a celebration at South Bethany Town Hall on Saturday, Sept. 26, from 3 to 5 p.m. There will be dignitaries, mayors who have served the town and influential citizens. It promises to be a nice event, to honor a landmark date in a nice town’s history.

We congratulate and thank all the people who have left their mark on South Bethany over the years. Your efforts, love of your town and commitment to making South Bethany what it is today are inspiring, to say the least.

For the first time in history, the Sussex County government is not sending paper statements to taxpayers regarding their property taxes if the property owner’s mortgage lender pays the taxes out of an escrow account. By just sending the statements to the lenders, the county saves money on postage, and also uses less paper.

It makes sense.

However, it also creates a little confusion for those property owners unaware of the change. However, there are ways for the property owners to check their tax status.

The county sent out a press release suggesting that property owners can check through their lender or call the Sussex County tax office at (302) 855-7760. They can also go to www.sussexcountyde.gov/e-service/propertytaxes/. Simply click “Make a Payment” on the left side of the screen and check your status.