Letters to the Editor -- October 2, 2009

Thanks to Carper and Kaufman for efforts

Sometimes little-heralded, arcane votes in Congress affect people’s lives and livelihoods more than the ones that are easier to report. Just such a vote occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 24, in the U.S. Senate.

Sens. Carper and Kaufman helped save our beaches and ocean from offshore drilling damage. They defeated an effort by Big Oil and its allies to fast-track a hastily drawn-up Bush-era drilling plan that would have opened millions of acres of Delaware’s ocean for offshore drilling starting next year.

Beachgoers, recreational fishermen, commercial fishermen, hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses all along our shores can thank our senators for keeping their coast clean and their ocean healthy by defeating this measure. Many of these businesses are suffering through the recession, but imagine if they also had to deal with an oil spill on the beach, too. Thank you, Senators.

Emily Stiever
Washington, D.C.

Deaver asks for time between hearings

I serve on the Sussex County Council with four other members. We decide on rezoning and conditional-use applications. They are first heard by the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission, an advisory board appointed by the council, then some 30 days later the council hears them.

By law, the commission must vote within 45 days, but there is not enough time between the two hearings to guarantee that the commission has voted prior to the council hearing.

I am asking that the hearings be scheduled 60 days apart, so that the people and the council have the commission’s advice before the council hearing.

At the Sept. 22 council meeting I asked that this matter be placed on the Sept. 29 council agenda for consideration.

Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver
Rehoboth Beach