Letters to the Editor -- December 4,2009

Reader throws support behind O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell, candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke to both the Kent and Sussex chapters of the 9-12 Delaware Patriots on Nov. 18 and 19. She gave an impassioned 20-minute speech, followed by 30 minutes of real, straightforward answers to questions, not phony, political ones.

Miss O’Donnell answered as to why she chose to run again for the U.S. Senate seat currently being kept warm by Sen. Ted Kaufman, who was appointed in a roundabout fashion by now-Vice President Joe Biden. She explained that there are already quite a few constitutional conservative candidates that are throwing their hats in the ring for the U.S. House seat being vacated by Rep. Mike Castle (a few names that come to my mind: Doug Campbell, Charlie Copeland, Fred Cullis and Kevin Wade).

The reality is that she is the only person strong-willed enough to take on “Cap and Tax Mike.”

Miss O’Donnell deserves our full support; we should embrace her now so we can begin the war against Castle’s campaign machine. She explained that she plans to formally announce her campaign once she has reaches her initial goal of $100,000 in contributions. This is the same amount she reached during her entire campaign last year, when she ran for the seat held by then-Sen. Joe Biden.

This goal will only be a dent in what she will eventually need. I have been told that these campaigns cost at least $2 million to have any chance to win these days. In reality, I suppose the opposite will be true, in that if Miss O’Donnell is unable to reach her initial goal, she will never formally announce and we will all be left without a true conservative candidate.

There are some that think the fix is in on this election. Attorney General Beau Biden will run again for his current position and the Democrats will not put up a viable candidate (Kaufman?). And why should they? Rep. Castle is as good a liberal as they will ever want. In four years, Castle will have 22 years in federal office. He can retire on a fat pension and the Republicans will then let the Democrats resume the nepotism of the Biden dynasty by not countering with a viable candidate of their own.

No matter whether this theory is true or not, this writer would just as soon have a liberal Democrat in office that I can count on voting the wrong way every time than a RINO Republican that will constantly disappoint me with his votes.

Will we allow Castle to assume the crown without a struggle? I for one will not. I look at it this way: We can either contribute to the O’Donnell campaign now or save it to pay higher taxes with later. Now is the time to start writing her checks so she can formally announce.

Here is what must happen for O’Donnell to win the primary against Castle: Independents and conservative Democrats must switch parties to gain the right to vote in the Republican primary for Christine O’Donnell, and all conservatives must become active in Christine O’Donnell’s campaign.

Her Web site is www.christineodonnell.com and phone number is (302) 299-8066. Furthermore, we must all get our young people to become involved in the election process. Talk to them about what will happen to the future of their country, as the bills being incurred by the liberals today are the debts they must pay tomorrow; 2010 could be our last chance. In 2012, our current president will be back on the ballot, and those who adhere to the entitlement mentality will be back to try to vote him in again. Please don’t let our country go down without a struggle.

Eric Bodenweiser

Ocean View resident upset with gun laws

I am writing to you to express my point of view on one of the latest attacks on the Second Amendment rights and, coincidentally, First Amendment rights of the citizens of Delaware.

Recently, the following list of mayors have joined Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg of New York [City]’s anti-gun coalition and are trying to ban guns here in Delaware, using their positions of mayor in their local municipalities as their bully pulpit: Wayne Baker, Dagsboro; John Martin, Delaware City; James Ford III, Lewes; Kenneth Branner, Middleton; Donald Minyon, Millville; and John Klingmeyer, New Castle.

This is egregiously wrong in two significant ways.

First, Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-ban stance is fraudulent and misleading, because they take the public position that they are only trying to ban “illegal” guns and what could be wrong with that? In fact, in all instances where gun legislation has arisen, Mayor Bloomberg’s position is totally anti-gun, period! They are trying to hide behind what seems to be an innocuous proposal so that they can further their cause for a total ban on guns.

To the extent that any of the listed mayors do not know this, then they didn’t do their homework on the history of Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun cohorts. If they do know his history and joined anyway, then they reveal their true agenda and their constituents need to know this.

Second, they took this stance in an apparently arbitrary way, i.e., without advising or discussing this with their constituents. In other words, the did locally what the arrogant elected representatives in Washington are doing; ignoring their constituents and decreeing what they think is best for us, regardless of what we think or say to them.

I am rather sick and tired of elected officials treating their constituents as moronic serfs to be treated as chattels to be bent to their will. Even if, arguendo, the listed mayors sincerely believe in their cause and are not just being politically correct, they are being unfaithful to the people that elected them to their position because they are ignoring them.

Political correctness is a disease that is much more virulent and deadly than the H1N1 pandemic. It is more deadly because, while H1N1 makes many people sick and kills some innocent ones, political correctness kills everyone’s freedom of speech.

It is time for the local citizens to tell their mayors and other elected officials that they are not happy; they are not complacent and they are no longer willing to be treated with snide disrespect.

Walter F. Curran
Ocean View

Kiwanis putting efforts to feeding others

Many thanks to our very generous neighbors and friends in the Coastal communities. Rehoboth Kiwanis Family (Kiwanis, Key Club, K-Kids) on consecutive Saturdays in November met patrons at Giant in Millville, Del., and Super G and Super Fresh in Rehoboth to re-supply the Cape Henlopen Food Basket Inc. in Lewes, Del. and the Community Food Pantry in Selbyville, Del.

While Rehoboth Kiwanis collected just before Thanksgiving, as many other area service organizations did, the Club started the project in June 2009 and will continue to collect food items bi-monthly.

There is a great need for assistance as neighbors, many with school-age children, find they need help putting food on the table for their families.

The Food Basket in Lewes provides access to emergency and ongoing food for needy people in the Cape Henlopen School District, which includes Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milton and Angola areas.

The Community Food Pantry in Selbyville provides basic food items once a month from September through May to the less fortunate in the Indian River School District of lower Sussex County with area churches, organizations and the Southeast Sussex Ministerium referring clients.

Neighbors shopping Saturday mornings are particularly generous, whether they give a can of green beans or buy the complete list of suggested items, to the appeal of Key Club members and K-Kids. Many often reach in their pockets to make a monetary donation. Kiwanis distributes these funds to the pantries to purchase paper products, meats and other items.

Tom Starnes, president of the Food Basket, thanked Rehoboth Kiwanis Club for the delivery of the foodstuffs and said they could not survive without the support of the local service clubs and the community as they served more than 2,500 households representing 7,376 individuals this year.

Rosemary Cummings, Secretary
Rehoboth Kiwanis Club