Happy Holidays to all of you

As Christmas comes to the area, we wanted to take a second away from local politics and issues in this space to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Actually, we want to wish all of you happy holidays this season, regardless your faith or beliefs, and we’re doing so in one editorial, as opposed to taking up several.

Whichever holiday you and your family celebrate, this is definitely the time to spend with family, honor your traditions and spread holiday joy to all. We just ask that everybody be careful.

There are many celebrations over the holidays, from office parties to organized get-togethers with friends to family happenings. All too often, food takes the precedence of the day and we all put on our “winter coats” this time of year after enjoying too much of the culinary celebrations. But it’s also important to remember the effects of alcohol this time of year.

Parties often mean drinking, and drinking usually translates into dangerous drivers on the roads. Even without the alcohol, drivers are often hurried and not paying the right amount of attention to the roads. Combine that with alcohol and often-slippery roads, and the holiday season sometimes takes on a dangerous tone.

We ask that if you do drink over the holidays, do not drive. Celebrations are great, and there’s no reason not to enjoy them. But there are plenty of reasons to not drive if you’ve been drinking. Designate a driver. Arrange for a cab. Call a friend. Just please don’t ruin another family’s holidays with a selfish and careless act.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers and advertisers. Have a safe one.


As an update to our readers and advertisers, the Coastal Point’s offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, Dec. 24 and 25. Remember, our fax machines will keep receiving faxes and our e-mail accounts will still receive your e-mails. There just won’t be that sunny face greeting you at the door if you drop by the office either of those days. The following week, the Coastal Point will be closed on Friday, Jan. 1.